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Satoru Iwata will be dearly missed; from under his directorship, Nintendo produced many wonderful works of art such as Mario Kart 8 and Super Mario Galaxy.
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Tron Bonne Steals the Show! by locomotive111
Tron Bonne Steals the Show!
The fourteen-year-old femme fatale from Megaman Legends is back to kick some tail in Super Smash Bros.!

Tron Bonne (from Megaman Legends, 1997)

-Middleweight character with a fair jump, albeit with an excellent recovery.

-Accompanied by Servbot, but Servbot, unlike Luma, does not serve as a separate entity.

Tron’s attacks

Neutral: Tron dons machine fists and launches a piston-powered punch combo ending in a blast of flame.

Side tilt: Side kick.

Up tilt: Ax kick.

Down tilt: Leg sweep.

Dash attack: Kickslide.

Forward smash: Jams a screwdriver into the opponent.

Up smash: Whips out a bulky cannon and fires straight up.

Down smash: Violent stomp.

Neutral aerial: Tron and Servbot kick in either direction.

Forward aerial: Tron grabs Servbot’s arms and swings it overhead. Causes meteor.

Back aerial: Servbot whacks a hammer that causes meteor.

Up aerial: Front snap kick.

Down aerial: Grabs Servbot by the leg and uses it as a whip to strike directly below. Causes meteor.

Grab: Tron has a medium grab range.

Pummel: Knees the grab victim.

Forward throw: Punches the victim in the stomach.

Back throw: Pulls on a jet pack then shoves victim behind, before launching a blast of flame.

Up throw: Servbot grabs the victim and tosses him/her straight up.

Down throw: Throws opponent to ground then stomps.

Floor attack (front): Jumps forward.

Floor attack (back): Shoots a small mecha cannon. The impact flips her backwards onto her feet and the cannon shot travels a short distance (about 2yd).

Floor attack (trip): As she gets up, Servbot whirls around as if breakdancing.

Edge attack: Jumps up and kicks with both legs.

Neutral special: Search Cannon—Tron whips out the Gustaff's Search Cannon, powered by her Servbot companion, and fires high-powered shots at a slow rate.

-Custom 1: Gatling Gun—Tron uses a Gatling gun from the Gustaff to fire a steady stream of bullets.

-Custom 2: Bazooka—Tron fires a single shot, but it can be charged for more power. Tron has super armor while charging.

Side special: Gustaff Arm—Tron launches herself in the direction pressed, having put on the Gustaff’s fist. This attack ends with an uppercut.

-Custom 1: Rocket Fist—Tron stays still, but launches the Gustaff’s fist. Flies in a straight line and does more damage, but does not have the uppercut.

-Custom 2: Stubborn Gustaff Arm—Slower to execute; however, Tron gets super armor when performing this.

Up special: Jet Gesselschaft—Tron dons a Gesselschaft-themed jet pack and charges up, before rocketing into anybody unfortunate enough to be in her way. Tron gains super armor while charging this.

-Custom 1: Turbine Blast—Very quick to execute, but direction is difficult to control. Travels a far distance in a short time.

-Custom 2: Blastoff—Shoots Tron straight up. Goes further and launches, at the cost of any horizontal movement.

Down special: Heavy Mecha—Tron hops into a mecha on wheels. Hold down the button to charge; upon release, Tron will charge forward. Tron can abandon the mecha at any time.

-Custom 1: Light Mecha—Tron’s mecha does not do as much damage, but goes faster and travels further.

-Custom 2: Mecha Jump—Tron’s mecha travels in a different path; rather than charging across the stage, the mecha jumps into the air and lands at a distance that depends on how long the attack was charged for. May cause burying or meteor.

Final Smash: Ferdinand—Tron says, “Ferdinand, ENGAGE!” then jumps into the air and descends in the Ferdinand. Ferdinand's normal attack is a stomp with its massive legs, while its special is a stream of shots from its cannon.


Up taunt: Two punches at the camera. “I’ll fly circles around you!"

Side taunt: Folds her arms and turns her head, closing her eyes and saying “You’re nothing but spare parts to me!"

Down taunt: Hoists up Servbot and gives it a playful noogie.

Victory poses:

-Tron laughs haughtily, with the back of her hand over her mouth.

-“Try again, scrap metal!” Points at the camera.

-“The Bonnes are unbeatable!” Tron pulls out her wrench and points towards the left with both hands.

If won against Mega Man:

-“My Mega Man fights MUCH better than you do!"

Alternate costumes:

1. Normal appearance from Megaman Legends.

2. Light brown hair, green coat, orange shirt and shoes, brown tights

3. Blond, white coat, yellow shirt and heels, white tights

4. Dark blue hair, blue coat, light blue shirt and shoes, blue tights. Resembles Mega Man.

5. Yellow hair, red coat and shirt, red shoes, no tights. Based off Roll.

6. Gray hair, white coat and red shirt. Brown shoes, blue tights. Based off Dr. Wily.

7. Black coat, shirt, and shoes. Brown tights.

8. Colors based off Teisel Bonne

Palutena’s Guidance:

Pit: Hey, she’s kinda cute. Who is she?

Palutena: That’s Tron Bonne, a pilot and the only daughter of the Bonne air pirate family.

Pit: Air pirates? She sounds an awful lot like the Space Pirates, except she’s pretty young. Maybe she had to deal with air Krakens instead of the Space Kraken?

Palutena: I think with Mega Man around, she has a lot more to worry about than any squid.

Pit: Mega Man, huh?

Palutena: It seems that she’s got a thing for Mega Man, but not the same Mega Man that you’re up against in Smash Bros. Though I think we can see that version of him during his Final Smash…

Pit: Of course Tron wouldn’t appreciate being popped by her crush like that, would she? …Uh, so, can I have some tips on how to beat her?

Palutena: Tron has a pretty nasty variety of machines in her back pocket; she fights primarily using parts from her mechas. Watch out for her Servbot, too; that thing packs just as much of a punch as she does. And when she gets the Smash Ball, stay out of the way of her massive stomping mecha, Ferdinand.

Pit: I wonder where she keeps all those machine parts…

Palutena: I guess every girl’s got her secrets.

Megaman Legends (c) Capcom

Super Smash Bros. (c) Nintendo, HAL Labs, NAMCO-Bandai

Art is mine

Thank You Mr. Iwata by locomotive111
Thank You Mr. Iwata
Nintendo has had a significant impact on my life, from Yoshi's Island to Mario Kart to Kirby Super Star to Splatoon; the company's games always provided good fun, and for all my life I believed that was what video games were all about.

Satoru Iwata passed away on July 11, 2015, after almost 15 years of impact upon the game company as president and as the host of the Nintendo Direct. Under his directorship, the company created beautiful masterpieces up to the recently-released Splatoon for the Wii U. Iwata and all of Nintendo have given not just me, but an entire generation of kids the chance to have fun in these fantasy worlds--hurtling through outer space as Mario, galloping across Hyrule upon Epona, searching for treasure in the Great Cave Offensive, catching that Diggersby tho in the Kalos region, and even making a mondo mess as a sentient squid-kid. He had an ideal; he produced games that people would play and find fun. (He even halved his own pay to compensate for undeservedly poor initial sales of the Wii U.)

I have surrounded myself with friends who share my love for the games, who I could talk to about strategy, in-game-happenings, and fantasies of my own that involve the worlds of those games. Iwata's vision, and every developer involved in making that vision a reality, gave me something to share with other people, and even get to know them better through that gate lined with green warp-pipes.

It's strange; as my childhood fades, the figure that defined Nintendo's vision in that time has passed as well. But his influence upon people like me shall not fade. We'll still be the Goomba-stomping, Pikmin-plucking, turf-inking, Mewtwo-catching, pot-smashing, Waddle-Doo-inhaling, yoga-doing, kart-racing, coconut-cream-pie-showering, Metroid-blasting, PSI-wielding fun-lovers that Iwata's vision helped bring out in us.

Thank you, Mr. Iwata. May you rest in another castle, knowing that you and your company have blessed a generation of gamers.
Satoru Iwata will be dearly missed; from under his directorship, Nintendo produced many wonderful works of art such as Mario Kart 8 and Super Mario Galaxy.
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Smash Diggersby Transparency by locomotive111
Smash Diggersby Transparency
I was requested to put up the transparent files for my Smash stuff. So I might as well start with Diggersby.

Feel free to use; give credit for the artwork if you do.

Render plus background:…



Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Well, I'm just a regular Korean-American who likes trains--- AAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGH!!!!! :iconiliketrainsplz:

Anyway.... I seem to whine a lot here on dA. I'm sorry.

Current Residence: 53 Residence Avenue, Residence, Residenceland, 93919.
deviantWEAR sizing preference: I think I'll fit an XL or something.
Favourite genre of music: Jazz
Favourite style of art: Black/White sketch
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MP3 player of choice: iPod
Shell of choice: The gas station.
Wallpaper of choice: The kind that doesn't have little fruits on it.
Skin of choice: Hey, look at that cool molt.
Favourite cartoon character: Mickey Mouse, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Marvin the Martian
Personal Quote: Lies are like sandwiches: the more you pile on, the harder it is to swallow.

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Just to make clear: Mariachimon consist of Ludicolo and Maracti.
Right. Now that that's settled:

:dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :folklorico: Start the Brasses Harlem Shake Harlem Shake Emoticon Harlem Shake MEX :folklorico: :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance



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