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Satoru Iwata will be dearly missed; from under his directorship, Nintendo produced many wonderful works of art such as Mario Kart 8 and Super Mario Galaxy.
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Oboro Lights it Up! by locomotive111
Oboro Lights it Up!
Oboro is the most popular female Hoshido character according to a Famitsu poll. Also Smash needs some different melee fighters. Ergo...

Oboro (from Fire Emblem: Fates, 2015)

-Slightly heavier than Lucina.

-A fast character.

-Oboro can wall-jump.

-The blade of the naginata deals the most damage.

Oboro’s attacks: 

Neutral: Pummeling lance jabs.

Side tilt: Sideways slash with her naginata.

Up tilt: Backwards overhead slash with her naginata.

Down tilt: Low slash with naginata.

Dash attack: Smashes naginata blade into the ground.

Forward smash: Diagonally swings naginata into opponent

Up smash: Two swift kicks, using the shaft of the naginata as support.

Down smash: Two slashes with her naginata, making a figure-8 formation.

Neutral aerial: Spinning slash.

Forward aerial: Swings naginata overhead then down upon target. The blade meteors.

Back aerial: Sex kick.

Up aerial: Twirls naginata like a helicopter; Oboro ascends slightly with this move.

Down aerial: Jabs the butt of the naginata directly below her. Meteors.

Grab: Medium grab range.

Pummel: Oboro knees her victim.

Forward throw: Hurls opponent forward.

Back throw: Thrusts opponent backwards, then jams her naginata blade into his/her/its chest.

Up throw: Uppercut.

Down throw: Kicks opponent to ground and jams naginata into opponent’s head.

Floor attack (front): Vaults over naginata and drop-kicks in front of her.

Floor attack (back): Swings naginata overhead and somersaults backwards.

Floor attack (trip): Swings naginata around her.

Edge attack: Gets up and smashes naginata into the ground.


Neutral special: Shield Breaker—Oboro does a two-handed pose with her naginata, before thrusting forward. Deals high damage to shields and can break them if fully charged.

-Custom 1: Dashing Assault—Oboro dashes forward in the direction she is facing.

-Custom 2: Shockstick—Oboro’s naginata lets loose a bolt of lightning instead of breaking shields.

Side special: Breaking Sky—Oboro dashes quickly to the side; if she is struck while performing this, her attack becomes stronger. This serves as a mobile counterattack.

-Custom 1: Slow Break—Oboro’s dash is slower, but she doubles her opponents’ strikes’ power. Has higher launching power.

-Custom 2: Sakura Break—If Oboro is struck, whoever strikes her gets a flower upon their head.

Up special: Substitute—Oboro slashes straight upward; if she hits an opponent, she meteors him/her/it and makes him/her/it prone in a burst of smoke. A successful strike will not leave Oboro prone.

-Custom 1: Hasty Substitute—Oboro’s slash is faster and goes further, but if she strikes an opponent, she merely pushes that opponent slightly downwards.

-Custom 2: Hellion—Oboro doesn’t go as far, but her strike is more powerful and nearly impossible to survive.

Down special: Guard Strike—Oboro guards against attack and then makes a large slash that causes her to move slightly forward. The guard gives her super armor.

-Custom 1: Counter—Like Marth’s and Lucina’s move.

-Custom 2: Quick Strike—Oboro omits the guard but the slash is faster.

Final Smash: Luna—Oboro dashes across the stage, plowing through anyone in her way and launching them extremely far. Oboro cannot fall off the stage with this Final Smash. After its conclusion, Oboro backflips and jams her naginata into the ground, in case she missed anyone.


Up taunt: Leans away from her naginata and says, “Challenge me."

Side taunt: Spins naginata like a baton and points at the camera.

Down taunt: Twirls naginata and smashes the shaft into the ground. "Hah!"

Idle poses:

-Brushes hair out of her face.

-Taps naginata shaft on the ground.

Victory poses:

-Kneels, mending a kimono, before looking up and smirking.

-Twirls naginata and points it at the camera. (If she fought Camilla, she may say, “Take that, Nohrian scum!”)

-Thrusts naginata forward, then makes a sideways cut.

Alternate colors: 

1. Standard appearance from Fates.

2. Colors based off of Takumi.

3. Colors based off of Rinkah.

4. Colors based off of Azura.

5. Colors based off of Kagerou.

6. Colors based off of Sakura.

7. Colors based off of Hinoka.

8. Purple vest, black sleeves, dark gray hair; custom Nohr-based costume.

Trophy Description:

Oboro: A Lance Fighter from Fire Emblem: Fates, Oboro is a soldier who aids the player on the Hoshido route of the game. Her lance-fighting techniques serve as a boon to the Hoshidan army and a bane to the Nohrian army, who she harbors a desire for revenge for. In Smash Bros., Oboro's skill with her naginata is unmatched; strike with the blade to deal the most damage.

Oboro (Alt): Punish foes with Oboro's up special, Substitute; upon striking an opponent, she will make her opponent prone instead of herself, and fire her opponent straight downwards to boot. Her side special, Breaking Sky, grows more powerful if she is hit while using it; use this to your advantage and punish arrogant foes!

Luna: Oboro's Final Smash is the Luna skill, associated with skilled lancers throughout the Fire Emblem series. You don't have to worry about being reckless with this Final Smash; Oboro stops short of the edge of the stage after plowing through her foes, then backflips to smash anybody she missed. Oboro's lance hits like a train!

Palutena's Guidance (optional): 

Pit: I don’t like that smug look on her face…

Viridi: Yeah, she’s all, like, “I’m going to stab you and enjoy it!”

Pit: Please don’t say things like that.

Palutena: Viridi has a point.

Viridi: So does Oboro! I mean, look at her naginata! That thing is one nasty-looking weapon.

Pit: But she seems so self-important… And dangerous, to boot!

Palutena: Well, you are on point there, Pit. Oboro is driven by vengeance upon her family’s Nohrian killers, so she’s made it a point to be a disciplined Hoshidan soldier—

Pit: Will you stop making reference to points? You’re making me nervous! I’m staring at the tip of her lance!

Palutena: And that’s exactly what you need to avoid, Pit. The blade of Oboro’s weapon does the most damage.

Pit: Easy. I’ll just do what I do with Marth and play keep-away. Now to keep her in the air and wipe that smug grin off her face--

Viridi: Don’t think you’re safe in the air either, flyboy!

Palutena: Oboro’s Substitute can very quickly ground you, which is extremely dangerous when you’re off the side of the stage. She’ll strike, and then you’ll find yourself falling helplessly to the ground.

Viridi: Another point for the goddess of nature!

Pit: Augh!

Fire Emblem (c) Nintendo, Intelligent Systems
Super Smash Bros. (c) Nintendo, HAL Labs, BANDAI-NAMCO

Transparent PNG:…

EDIT: Twenty points nets you the introduction image and the website icon.

Nana by locomotive111
I like to think that the Ice Climbers have like a base camp or cabin or something that they return to after rescuing vegetables from the mountain. You know, settle in a bit, throw the parkas on a hook, sit by the fireplace with a mug of hot cocoa and all that.

Ice Climber (c) Nintendo
I Stand with Ahmed by locomotive111
I Stand with Ahmed
On Monday, September 14, Ahmed Mohamed, a 14-year-old student in the Irving school district in Texas, was arrested for bringing a clock that he himself engineered. The boy's homemade clock, to the blind eyes of the authorities, looked to be a bomb, even though there were clearly no explosives and the thing was a fully-functional clock.

I think that Ahmed suffered an injustice that he clearly shouldn't have had to suffer. He is clearly a genius and an aspiring engineer, and it is a shame that his proud work is instead punished; his family believes that it is his race and religion that were the stigma for this issue.

Ahmed Mohamed was released from custody. President Obama has tweeted, "Cool clock, Ahmed. Want to bring it to the White House? We should inspire more kids like you to like science. It's what makes America great."



Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Well, I'm just a regular Korean-American who likes trains--- AAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGH!!!!! :iconiliketrainsplz:

Anyway.... I seem to whine a lot here on dA. I'm sorry.

Current Residence: 53 Residence Avenue, Residence, Residenceland, 93919.
deviantWEAR sizing preference: I think I'll fit an XL or something.
Favourite genre of music: Jazz
Favourite style of art: Black/White sketch
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Shell of choice: The gas station.
Wallpaper of choice: The kind that doesn't have little fruits on it.
Skin of choice: Hey, look at that cool molt.
Favourite cartoon character: Mickey Mouse, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Marvin the Martian
Personal Quote: Lies are like sandwiches: the more you pile on, the harder it is to swallow.

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