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I'll have to cancel my stream tomorrow since I'm not really feeling up to it; I suffered a deep personal loss and I'm not sure if I will be motivated enough to put on a show. Apologies for the inconvenience.



Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Just a feller that likes to draw and make ideas!

(also yes you can feature my alola forms in videos, now please stop asking)



#159 Baladion
Baladion, Generator Pokémon
Etymology: Baladi + ion
Origin: Based on a Raqs baladi performer (a belly dancer), as well as a turbine generator. Design-wise it takes some inspiration from the Gerudo from The Legend of Zelda.
HT: 5'3"
WT: 118.3 lbs
Ability: Motor Drive
Hidden Ability: Galvanize
"It generates electricity by swaying its hips in dance; when it does this, the electrical current running between its arms activates."
Egg Group: Human-like

Baladion evolves from Spazaps when it learns the move Shock Kick.


HP: 70
ATK: 125
DEF: 65
SP.ATK: 105
SP.DEF: 75
SPD: 115
#131 Kriegster
Kriegster, Firepower Pokémon
Etymology: From krieg + oyster
Origin: Based on oysters and cannons. Draws some influence from Mega Man's Robot Masters, as well as Mega Man himself. It also resembles Elvis Presley.
HT: 3'8"
WT: 253.4 lbs
Ability: Artillery (Boosts power of bomb and ball moves 1.5 times)/Bulletproof
Hidden Ability: Shell Armor
"It fires lustrous pearls from its shell after forming them out of sand. Each shot can blast through a tanker hull."
Egg Group: Water 3/Mineral

Kriegster evolves from Oystorm at Lv. 35.


HP: 70
ATK: 145
DEF: 120
SP.ATK: 40
SP.DEF: 60
SPD: 75
#222 Bombastion
Bombastion, Sky Castle Pokémon
Etymology: Bomber + bastion
Origin: Based on a B-17 Flying Fortress, a type of bomber used in World War II, and on the fortified walls of a castle. The "bomb bay" on its undercarriage resembles a stained-glass window, and its propellers and rear exhaust resemble towers.
HT: 10'7"
WT: 1945.5 lbs
Ability: Sturdy/Aegis (Doubles Sp.Def stat.)
Hidden Ability: Motor Drive
"For protection, it will rotate its wings to make an insurmountable wall. It was often used in wartime before the Geneva Conventions banned Pokémon warfare."
Egg Group: Mineral/Flying

Bombastion evolves from Aerikade at Lv. 37.


HP: 90
ATK: 95
DEF: 180
SP.ATK: 20
SP.DEF: 85
SPD: 80
Gym Leader #4 - Marianne
The Laimé Pokémon League is slightly different from that of other regions; rather than basing their teams around a singular type, the Gym Leaders focus on a theme, as a celebration of Laimé's culture, and as a challenge to aspiring Pokémon Trainers.

Marianne (JP: アマラム Amaramu) is the Gym Leader who themes her team around the mystical creatures of high fantasy. From faeries and dragons to cryptids and legendary warriors, Marianne loves to immerse herself into the world of imagination. She feels free to be herself; a freedom that she's felt she's had especially since her transition, though some people resent her for that. Like the storybook anthologies she keeps in her shelves, Marianne is varied in her battle technique, for whimsical faeries, mighty drakes, and shining knights battle in different styles. She is well-loved by many, and carries herself with the kindness of a noble princess. Her signature Pokémon is Bellou.

Age: 12

Theme: Fantasy

Badge: Storybook Badge


#190 Swarmind (Swarm Form)
Swarmind, Overmind Pokémon
(Swarm Form)
Etymology: Swarm + hivemind
Origin: Based on a bee colony; Swarmind's Swarm Form is based on a bee swarm, with elements from other Bug-type Pokémon, like the head of Mega Beedrill and the body type of Buzzwole.
HT: 20'6"
WT: 1054.4 lbs
Ability: Swarming (If Swarmind's level is above 30, and its HP is above 1/4th of its max HP, it transforms into its Swarm Form. If HP drops below 1/4, it transforms into Solo Form.)
"When it goes into battle, it calls upon the entire hive and moves with the might of the colony."
Egg Group: Bug

Swarmind evolves from Colonee at Lv. 12.


HP: 50
ATK: 140
DEF: 130
SP.ATK: 130
SP.DEF: 150
SPD: 70



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I'll just state that there's a sort-of a guide of how Fire Emblem Heroes's map sprites work. They're all in WEBP format.

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