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Wisdom Teeth by locomotive111
Wisdom Teeth
I just had my wisdom teeth removed yesterday. Figured since, you know, skulls and teeth and stuff, I'd let the skelebros do the talking.

Also, I swear that anesthesia made me hallucinate Sans and Papyrus. Like, no joke.
Frisk Stays Determined! by locomotive111
Frisk Stays Determined!

Frisk (from Undertale, 2015)

-Lightweight character, about Ness’s weight. Does not have floaty jumps.

-Medium-speed walker, but a fast runner.

Neutral: Two swings of the stick then a jab.

Side tilt: Sideways slash with Toy Knife.

Up tilt: Repeatedly opens and closes umbrella from Waterfall.

Down tilt: Pokes stick.

Dash attack: Torn Notebook; Frisk swings the notebook overhead. Gives Frisk invincibility frames as they do their dash attack. If used at the edge of a stage, the notebook has meteor.

Forward smash: Three successive punches 

Up smash: Uppercut with Tough Glove.

Down smash: Downward slash with the Worn Dagger.

Neutral aerial: Old Tutu; Frisk spins in place, the tutu appearing on their body.

Forward aerial: Burnt Pan; Frisk whacks straight downward with the frying pan. Causes meteor.

Back aerial: Manly Bandana; Frisk whips backwards with the bandana tied in a rattail.

Up aerial: Opens the umbrella from Waterfall straight up.

Down aerial: Ballet Shoes; Frisk pirouettes downward. Shoes deal the most damage.

Grab: Frisk grabs with the Faded Ribbon tied around their foe.

Pummel: Frisk beats the victim over the head with their stick.

Forward throw: Whips out the faded ribbon like a spinning top and sends the foe flying straight forward.

Back throw: Pushes foe behind and kicks them away.

Up throw: Tosses foe into the air and throws the Empty Gun at them.

Down throw: Throws foe into ground and does a spinning-umbrella attack.

Floor attack (front): Pokes with the Stick.

Floor attack (back): Pokes with the Stick

Floor attack (trip): Swings around with Tough Glove in hand

Edge attack: Pulls themself up and jabs with the stick

Neutral special: Yellow Mode—Frisk shoots a pellet. Works like Fox's blaster and doesn’t cause flinch.

-Custom 1: Metta Bomb—At the end of Frisk’s shots, they explode as if striking one of Mettaton’s bombs.

-Custom 2: Triple Shot—Frisk fires three weaker pellets in a funnel shape.

Side special: Purple Mode—A tackling attack in which Frisk travels on a straight path and can switch tracks in order to aim. Good for recovery as well. There are three tracks; one where Frisk is standing, and two above.

-Custom 1: Purple Monorail—Frisk only has one track, but the attack is faster and stronger.

-Custom 2: Itsy Bitsy—The attack travels a smaller distance, but goes faster and strikes harder.

Up special: Blue Mode—Frisk jumps into the air, doing no damage but jumping extremely high.

-Custom 1: Get Dunked On—Identical to Sans’s; Frisk jumps in the air and performs a dunk attack that causes meteor. Doesn’t jump as high.

-Custom 2: Stained Apron—Frisk grabs the Stained Apron in hand, and after jumping, floats gently down.

Down special: Green Mode—Counterattack. Frisk, if struck, turns the spear towards the opponent and strikes.

-Custom 1: Quick-Time Green Mode—Faster counter stance that does more damage.

-Custom 2: Armored Green Mode—Slower strike, but Frisk gains super armor during the strike. Counter stance lasts longer.

Final Smash: MERCY—The power of the monsters' SOULs circles Frisk as it did for Asriel when he broke the barrier. This does continual damage to those in the area, and when the screen flashes, it launches anybody caught in the area. Frisk heals a little bit of damage.


Up taunt: Poses flirtatiously with hand on hip; blows a kiss.

Side taunt: Whips out microphone and sings using Shyren soundfont. Notes can be controlled with the buttons on the controller.

Down taunt: Ducks under a blanket and does that bed-lump thing that happens when you stay at MTT Resort.

Victory poses:

-Frisk rolls a snow poff and turns to the camera with a smile.

-Frisk plays the piano seen in Waterfall.

-Frisk poses dramatically.

Alternate colors (… ):

1. Standard appearance from UNDERTALE.

2. White body, black hair and details and outline. Based off of UNDERTALE battle screen.

3. White hair, purple clothing; based off of Toriel

4. Light yellow hair, yellow shirt with orange stripes, brown pants. Based off of Monster Kid.

5. White shirt with red stripes, blue pants; based off of Papyrus.

6. Blue shirt with white stripes, white hair, black pants; based off of Sans.

7. Light gray skin, black hair, purple shirt, black pants; based off of Mettaton EX

8. Chara’s colors.

Palutena's Guidance:

Pit: Who's this kid, Lady Palutena?
Palutena: That's Frisk, an extremely determined young child.
Viridi: Determined to kill everybody in their way, that is!
Palutena: Viridi, I don't think that's right; Frisk apparently has the power to reset timelines with determination, but they only use that power for good. In fact, Frisk made friends with every monster in the Underground.
Viridi: Those innocent eyes and clumsy movements can't fool me...
Pit: Are you sure you aren't thinking of someone else, Viridi?
Palutena: Frisk borrows the powers of other human souls they have come across. The bonds of friendship that Frisk forged with their determination combine in their Final Smash into a power strong enough to blast any magic barrier to bits, or KO opponents.
Pit: Wow, Frisk seems like such a nice kid. Now I don't really want to fight them.
Palutena: Usually Frisk doesn't, either. Nobody dies permanently in this fighting game, so don't worry.

Undertale (c) Toby Fox
Super Smash Bros. (c) Nintendo, NAMCO-BANDAI

Transparent file:…

Check out :iconshinfurevindo:'s version of Frisk as well!…




Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Well, I'm just a regular Korean-American who likes trains--- AAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGH!!!!! :iconiliketrainsplz:

Anyway.... I seem to whine a lot here on dA. I'm sorry.

Current Residence: 53 Residence Avenue, Residence, Residenceland, 93919.
deviantWEAR sizing preference: I think I'll fit an XL or something.
Favourite genre of music: Jazz
Favourite style of art: Black/White sketch
Operating System: Er, PC?
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Shell of choice: The gas station.
Wallpaper of choice: The kind that doesn't have little fruits on it.
Skin of choice: Hey, look at that cool molt.
Favourite cartoon character: Mickey Mouse, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Marvin the Martian
Personal Quote: Lies are like sandwiches: the more you pile on, the harder it is to swallow.

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Do you think you can do that for me? if not then that's okay then... thanks for doing it ^-^
locomotive111 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Traditional Artist
Sorry, I don't take requests for Smash stuff.
Can I ask if you can either smashify goruro(I bet you won't) or make a comic where sans meets the big god of joy king goruro(heres a image of him) (the reason I ask is be caused I want to give him some love let people discover this artist
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I don't really do requests on these. Globox happened to be a character I was planning on doing that somebody else really wanted to see (but that I got sidetracked on by Fire Emblem and Undertale).
Cyrilwolfgirl Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2015  Student Digital Artist
I never said this...
but HAPPYlateBIRTHDAY :party:

I hope life for you is going well

and everyone done here misses ya. diggersby, tho.
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Thanks so much!

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