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haven't written one in a while, but figured I should since the one I've had for months is pretty depressing.
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Garbodor Trashes the Competition! by locomotive111
Garbodor Trashes the Competition!

Garbodor (from Pokémon Black/White, 2011)

-Middleweight character, not very agile, but difficult to launch.

-Garbodor's poison attacks leave a lingering poison effect that deals damage over time. Poison fades only after about 7 seconds.

Neutral: Two punches and a pummeling barrage of trash from its three-fingered pump.

Side tilt: Compression blast from its single-nozzle pump.

Up tilt: Swings nozzle overhead.

Down tilt: Quick burst of toxic gas.

Dash attack: Short hop and body slam, sliding into foe. Has high launching power.

Forward smash: Small gas explosion from its nozzle.

Up smash: Claps its nozzles together.

Down smash: Spins its nozzles around itself.

Neutral aerial: Burst of poison gas.

Forward aerial: Whips its single-nozzle arm like a Morningstar. Causes meteor.

Back aerial: Burps behind it.

Up aerial: Headbutt.

Down aerial: Propels itself straight downward with a blast of gas. Causes meteor.

Grab: Garbodor has a significant grab range.

Pummel: Repeatedly head butts opponent.

Forward throw: Rips opponent away like a spinning top.

Back throw: Suplexes the target.

Up throw: Toss.

Down throw: Sprays opponent on the ground with bursts of gasoline.

Floor attack (front): Swings nozzle forward.

Floor attack (back): Squirts poison backwards.

Floor attack (trip): Spins, letting nozzles flail.

Edge attack: Nozzle slam.

Neutral special: Gunk Shot—Garbodor charges up and throws a heap of garbage forward. Depending on how long it is charged for, it could be a trash bag, an aluminum trash can, a plastic trash bin, or a Dumpster at full charge. Garbodor gets super armor from doing this move.

-Custom 1: Sludge Wave—Garbodor sends a wave of sludge forward that catches opponents and deals continuous damage.

-Custom 2: Gunk Shot +—Garbodor takes longer to charge but the move is bigger and stronger. A full charge will have Garbodor suplexing a garbage truck.

Side special: Toxic Spikes—Garbodor hurls a layer of poisonous spikes directly forward. If they strike an opponent, or if an opponent walks on them, they will take continuous poison damage for about five seconds. Up to two layers can be up at a time.

-Custom 1: Spikes—Garbodor throws a layer of normal spikes down. They deal more powerful damage, but strike once. Up to three layers up at a time.

-Custom 2: Toxic—Garbodor simply throws a blob of poison at the opponent, causing continual damage. Cannot be stacked on the ground.

Up special: Drain Punch—Garbodor does a large uppercut that drains health from anyone it hits.

-Custom 1: Whirlwind Drain Punch—Garbodor pulls opponents in.

-Custom 2: Seed Bomb—Does not drain HP. Garbodor uses an explosion to send itself skyward.

Down special: Payback—Counterattack. Garbodor strikes back. Power depends on foe's attack.

-Custom 1: Poison Gas—A counter that deals continuous poison damage instead of a single strike,

-Custom 2: Sand Attack—An opponent who strikes Garbodor is stunned.

Final Smash: Explosion—Garbodor erupts in a massive explosion, sending shrapnel everywhere.


Up taunt: Spinning dance.

Side taunt: Heavy sigh.

Down taunt: Squirts a stream of oil from its nozzle. Joke launch.

Alternate colors: 

1. Standard.

2. Shiny.

3. Lucha libre mask and brown trash.

4. Black trash bag and gray trash.

5. Brown trash bag and blue trash.

6. Light green trash bag and orange trash.

7. Whites trash bag and black trash.

8. Purple trash bag and green trash.

Trophy information:

Garbodor: Who would have thought a trash bag could fight? Garbodor is a Pokémon born from garbage, but it's certainly no slouch when it comes to battle. Garbodor's moves have a poisonous effect that deals lingering damage to targets; use that to your advantage in Smash!

Garbodor (Alt): Garbodor's Gunk Shot is powerful at full charge; nobody wants to take a trash bin to the face, that's for sure. Punish aggressive foes with Payback!

Explosion: Gas buildup is a dangerous thing, and Garbodor knows that. It's ultimate attack is a massive explosion that sends shards of trash radiating from Garbodor. Plus, it smells!

Palutena's Guidance:

Pit: HBLURKGH--what's that horrible smell?!

Viridi: UGH! Not this thing!

Palutena: That's... Garbodor, the Trash Heap Pokémon. Um... I'm not sure who invited it, but the fact that it's a living pile of trash is quite interesting, huh?

Pit: It... stinks...

Viridi: I can feel the stench of pollution all the way from here!

Palutena: Pit, focus! You can't let the smell overwhelm you! Garbodor is particularly dangerous since its poisonous attacks can linger on you for a while. Stay out of its way!

Pit: You don't need to tell ME twice!



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