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Yeah, thanks for not allowing me to download full-res art on my iPad because of some stupid Flash ad.
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Morgan Evens the Odds! by locomotive111
Morgan Evens the Odds!
That's an awfully strange composition for one character... because Morgan's not going to be alone for long!

Morgan (from Fire Emblem: Awakening, 2013)

-Base Morgan plays similarly to Robin, though Morgan is slightly lighter and faster, at the cost of defense.
-Instead of a Levin Sword, Morgan has a Silver Sword. It does not have limited use, but deals a different type of damage.
-Morgan has both a male and female skin. They are functionally identical.

Morgan's attacks:

Neutral: Up slash, down slash, then either a fire explosion or a blizzard. The blizzard takes 1 durability from Rexcalibur for every two seconds, while the explosion takes 1 durability from Arcfire.
Side tilt: Slashes sword downwards.
Up tilt: Slashes sword overhead.
Down tilt: Quick downward slash.
Dash attack: Sword spin. If the button is mashed, the attack will end in a burst of ice. Takes 1 durability from Rexcalibur.
Forward smash: Morgan swings the Silver Sword around.
Up smash: Upward slash. Poor horizontal range, but much better knockback than Robin's up smash.
Down smash: Slams sword directly in front.
Neutral aerial: Fast double slash.
Forward aerial: Morgan leans forward and slashes twice. Can KO at about 150%.
Back aerial: Morgan leans backward for a slash angled slightly downward.
Up aerial: Upward slash similar to Robin's; KOs at about 125%.
Down aerial: Rapid downward jabs. Has the meteor effect.
Grab: Magic grab; smaller range than Robin's, but significantly less lag.
Pummel: Knees opponent in the balls.
Forward throw: Zaps opponent with tome, blowing him/her forward,
Back throw: Swings sword into opponent, dragging him/her backwards.
Up throw: Throws opponent into air with wind tome.
Down throw: Slams opponent on ground and bashes him/her with sword.
Floor attack (front): Shoots wind at enemy's feet, then stands up.
Floor attack (back): Jams sword into the ground and flips over.
Floor attack (trip): Sword sweep.
Edge attack: Climbs over and sweeps with sword.
Neutral special: Thunder—Charges to Elthunder, Arcthunder, and Mjölnir. Mjölnir strikes the ground and electrifies the floor for a few seconds, making it more dangerous than Robin's Thoron. Morgan's Thunder takes longer to charge, however.
-Custom 1: Quick Thunder—Extremely quick to reach Mjölnir, but it does less damage and Mjölnir lasts for a shorter time.
-Custom 2: Straight Mjölnir—Immediately casts Mjölnir, dealing more damage. Slower to execute, and sparks the floor for about one second.
Side special: Arcfire—Identical to Robin's.
-Custom 1: Bolganone—Opens a fissure directly underneath the opponent. Causes burying and burn damage, but is slower to execute.
-Custom 2: Valflame—Stronger and faster, but does not cause trapping, and fires in a straight path.
Up special: Rexcalibur—Hurls Morgan into the air using a frigid tornado. Contact with the tornado causes freezing.
-Custom 1: Arcwind—Throws Morgan higher and does more damage, but does not cause freezing, and the AOE is smaller.
-Custom 2: Wilderwind—High launch and higher horizontal recovery, but lower damage.
Down special: Nosferatu—Restores Morgan by damage dealt.
-Custom 1: Aversa's Night—Restores double the health to Morgan but lasts for a shorter time.
-Custom 2: Mire—Strikes from afar. Does more damage but does not heal Morgan.
Final Smash: Book of Naga—Morgan casts the Book of Naga, which draws enemies toward the energy core and attacks with the aura of the Divine Dragon. From the center, wide blasts of magic radiate and strike foes not caught in the blast.

Up taunt: Cracks open book and reclines on magic, reading a couple pages before shutting the book and standing back up.
Side taunt:
-M. Morgan: Sweeps hair and taps sword to ground. "Prepare yourself."
-F. Morgan: Sweeps hair and taps sword to ground. "Predictable."
Down taunt: Spins weapons around himself/herself. "Time to even the odds!"

Victory quotes:
-If M. against F. Robin: "Mother, are you proud of me?"
-If F. against M. Robin: "Father's slacking a bit, don't you think?"
--If M. Robin wins against Morgan: "Forgive me, my daughter..."
--If F. Robin wins against Morgan: "You'll need to work a bit harder than that, son."
-"Mother/Father, I won..."
Male Morgan:
-"Game over."
-"Ha! Checkmate!"
-"Like Mother says: 'A good tactician has nothing to fear!'"
Female Morgan:
-"I'm unstoppable!"
-"I love watching you scream."
-"Heh. Amateur."

Alternate costumes
1. Standard female appearance.
2. Standard male appearance.
3. Colors based on Lucina.
4. Colors based on Laurent.
5. Colors based on Nah.
6. Colors based on Inigo.
7. Colors based on Noire.
8. Colors based on Yarne.

Palutena's Guidance:
Pit: Hey... Did Robin get a haircut?
Viridi: That's like asking, "Did Robin get shorter?" That's Morgan, dingus!
Palutena: Morgan is the child of Robin, and hails from a distant future. Morgan doesn't seem to be from the same future as Lucina, though...
Viridi: Morgan hasn't got many memories of the future, either.
Pit: Does that mean Morgan's forgotten how to fight? This'll be easy!
Palutena: I wouldn't be so quick to underestimate Morgan. Like the parent, our young tactician friend also has some very potent magic; arguably, it's even more powerful than Robin's.
Viridi: You better watch out for Morgan's wind magic. It's a cold move. Literally. You'll freeze if you touch it.
Pit: ...Ooo-kay. Morgan's pretty strong.
Palutena: It's that self-motivated drive, Pit. Take a lesson from Morgan. Anyway, Morgan also suffers from the same weapon durability issue as Robin, so use that to your advantage.

...So Morgan isn't a complete clone of Robin
Yeah, thanks for not allowing me to download full-res art on my iPad because of some stupid Flash ad.
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Adeleine Colors In! by locomotive111
Adeleine Colors In!

...and she's here to eat tuna with Kirby--I mean, smash some people up!

Adeleine (from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, 2000)

-Lightweight character, but heavier than Kirby

-Quick-moving character with high, albeit normal-quality jumps

Adeleine’s attacks:

Neutral: Downward cut with brush, upward cut with brush, then a brush twirl.

Side tilt: Swings across with the brush.

Up tilt: Punches palette upwards.

Down tilt: Low jab with back of paintbrush.

Dash attack: Flying side kick, holding up palette and brush.

Forward smash: Reaches back with both palette and brush, before striking.

Up smash: Adeleine whacks above her by swinging her palette in an arc over her head.

Down smash: Spins around her with her paintbrush, drawing an orange ring around her. Captures enemies and traps them until the attack is finished, but has low knockback.

Neutral aerial: Adeleine flails her brush in front of her and kicks her legs. The brush does more damage than the legs.

Forward aerial: Swings brush in an arc in front of her.

Back aerial: Sweeps brush behind her.

Up aerial: Throws palette above her head.

Down aerial: Rapid kick-jabs straight downward.

Grab: Adeleine grabs the opponent with her brush hand.

Pummel: Whacks opponent over head with palette. Kind of slow.

Forward throw: Violent shove directly in front of her.

Back throw: Paints on the opponent’s face before thrusting him/her behind her.

Up throw: Knees the opponent in the stomach before giving a brush-uppercut.

Down throw: Suplexes the opponent and mashes the palette in his/her face.

Floor attack (front): Somersault ending in sweep with brush.

Floor attack (back): Backwards somersault.

Floor attack (trip): Leg sweep.

Edge attack: Shoots three paint globs across the floor before getting up.

Neutral special: Paint Glob—Adeleine hurls a blob of paint in an arc. Explodes in a burst of paint upon contact, and slows down anyone it touches.

-Custom 1: Paint Bomb—The paint gob explodes and deals damage in addition to the impact damage, but does not cause slowing.

-Custom 2: Paint Lob—Adeleine hurls the blob straight forward. Has a different flight path and deals more damage.

Side special: Paint Charge—Adeleine flails her paint brush and runs across the stage, yelling.

-Custom 1: Hyper Paint Charge—Faster with more damage, but significantly more difficult to control.

-Custom 2: Paint Locomotion—Adeleine takes a bit of time to warm up, but at max speed damage output is about twice that of the normal Paint Charge.

Up special: Paint Ribbon—Adeleine flies into the air by circling around herself with a ribbon of green paint. Reminiscent of ribbon dancing.

-Custom 1: Paint Tornado—The paint ribbon extends further and draws foes in, at the cost of vertical recovery.

-Custom 2: Paint Drill—Adeleine flies up, hovers for two seconds, then abruptly drills back down. Extremely dangerous to use when used far away from ledges.

Down special: Art Ally—Adeleine produces a canvas and paints a Waddle Dee, Wheelie, or Gordo. Waddle Dees run straight forward. Wheelies ram through all obstacles and characters without stopping. Gordos bounce on the ground and act like King Dedede’s.

-Custom 1: Ink Infantry—Adeleine only paints Waddle Dees, but can summon three at once. Does not suffer from stale move effect.

-Custom 2: Gordo Throw—Adeleine only paints Gordos. There’s more lag time in between paintings, however.

Final Smash: Kracko—Adeleine paints Kracko, who then floats to the middle of the stage and fires lightning bolts in all directions, before finishing with four crossed bolts horizontally, vertically, and diagonally.


Up taunt: Musical notes trail from her as she shifts from left to right; the implication is that she’s humming.

Side taunt: Produces a sketch of one of the characters.

Down taunt: Lies down on the ground, kicking her legs and doodling in a sketchpad.

Victory poses:

-Turned around, painting something; it turns out to be a portrait of herself giving the victory sign.

-Spins around and whirls paintbrush towards the camera.

-Giggles giddily and jumps up and down.

Alternate costumes:

1. Standard appearance.

2. Lavender smock, purple beret, light purple shirt.

3. Beige smock, chestnut beret, orange shirt.

4. Cyan smock, yellow beret, white shirt.

5. Colors based off Drawcia.

6. Colors based off Paintra.

7. Colors based off Claycia.

8. Black smock, black beret, gold skirt, laces, and rubber, light gray shirt.

Palutena’s Guidance

Pit: Hey, that’s Adeleine, right?

Palutena: Yes. One of Kirby’s friends.

Pit: I heard she's an amazing artist. Her paintings are so lifelike!

Palutena: So lifelike that they can actually come to life; a fact that she takes advantage of in battle. Most of her attacks rely on her artistic talent. Don’t get too carried away marveling at her work.

Pit: Maybe I’ll ask her to do a portrait of me afterwards. Like, with glorious wings, and rippling muscles, and rock-hard abs…

Palutena: That would… probably scare her.

Pit: More so than the time she was possessed by the Dark Matter?

Palutena: Okay, maybe not that badly, but still. Ask for a normal portrait.

Pit: Fine... Moving on. How do I beat her?

Palutena: Adeleine has two projectile attacks, both of which you can reflect back towards her. If you can send a Gordo back at her, that'll really ruin her day. ...Don't expect her to take commissions after that, though.

Kirby (c) HAL Labs

Art is mine

Sami Shoots for Victory! by locomotive111
Sami Shoots for Victory!

Sami (from Advance Wars, 2002)

-Middleweight character, slightly heavier than Andy (due to assault rifle), but faster.

Sami’s attacks:

Neutral: Punches.

Side tilt: Elbow strike.

Up tilt: Sami swings upward with the butt of her gun.

Down tilt: Sami swings her gun around.

Dash attack: Fires her gun while moving. Slows her down considerably.

Forward smash: Sami prepares to fire her gun straight forward,

Up smash: Sami prepares to shoot straight above her. Has fantastic vertical range.

Down smash: Sami stomps on the opponent.

Neutral aerial: Shoots.

Forward aerial: Sex kick.

Back aerial: Backwards side kick.

Up aerial: Upwards front snap kick.

Down aerial: Drop kick.

Grab: Sami has some pretty good grab rang since she's moderately tall.

Pummel: Knees opponent in the balls (figurative or otherwise)

Forward throw: Swings opponent around and hurls him/her.

Back throw: Whacks the opponent with her gun and drags him/her to the rear.

Up throw: Uppercut.

Down throw: Stomps on the opponent.

Floor attack (front): Shoots in front of her and then gets up.

Floor attack (back): Abruptly throws her leg out and gets up.

Floor attack (trip): Leg sweep.

Edge attack: Flips over and starts firing until the button is released.

Neutral special: Machine Gun—Sami fires rounds from a machine gun.

-Custom 1: Speed Shooter—Faster shots, but doesn't cause the opponent to flinch.

-Custom 2: Sniper—Sami's gunshots are more powerful, but because each one launches, it's more difficult to rack up damage.

Side special: Mech—Sami fires a rocket from a bazooka. Travels a short distance and explodes.

-Custom 1: Mech Propeller—Shoots Sami forward with the bazooka.

-Custom 2: Heavy Mech—Fires a slow-moving projectile that pierces shields and deals big damage.

Up special: Commando Launch—Sami jumps into the air and fires below her for extra distance. Sami can then press the attack button again to do a drop kick.

-Custom 1: Bazooka Launch—Sami fires a bazooka below her immediately. Goes further than standard extra boost, but doesn't cover as much vertical distance overall. Sami can still drop kick, however.

-Custom 2: Hovering Machine Gun—Sami jumps into the air and fires below her to hover for about 5 seconds. Bullets do less damage individually than other two variations, but cover more horizontal distance than vertical.

Down special: Tripping Rifle—Sami fires a series of shots that will trip characters on the ground.

-Custom 1: Flashbang—Does less damage, but stuns enemies.

-Custom 2: Piercing Rifle—Can shoot multiple opponents in a line, and does more damage at the expense of the tripping effect,

Final Smash: Double Time—A group of infantry and mech units appears to assist Sami. They stand in a line and fire rapid-fire in a cone-shaped area at Sami's command. About halfway through, they double their damage output.


Up taunt: Thrusts fist into air, saying "Hooah!"

Side taunt: Cocks her gun.

Down taunt: Fires at the ground, and says "Wanna go?"

Victory poses:

-"Never cross a commando!" Sami slings her gun on her shoulder and turns away from the camera, before looking triumphantly back at the camera.

-Salutes rigidly.

-"Area secured!" Sami spins her gun and slams the butt on the ground.

Alternate costumes:

1. Standard appearance.

2. Orange clothing, to match Andy.

3. Blue clothing, to match Blue Moon,

4. Green sports bra to match Green Earth.

5. Yellow clothing, to match Yellow Comet.

6. Black clothing, to match Black Hole.

7. Colors resemble Eagle.

8. Colors resemble Lin from Days of Ruin.

Palutena's Guidance

Viridi: Ugh. These humans are always waging war against each other! Did you know that the human race is the only species on Earth whose members kill each other on purpose?!

Palutena: Well, I think any soldier under an infantry specialist like Sami would be safe. Sami is very good at rallying troops for maximum efficiency in capturing bases and defeating her enemies.

Pit: She looks like she can hold her own pretty well herself, judging by that big weapon she's got slung on her shoulder.

Palutena: Sami specializes in ranged combat, using her gun to attack from afar. But when she gets up close and personal, you'd better move out of the way.

Pit: A gun? D'you think maybe she'll let me give it a try?

Palutena: Probably not, Pit.




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Favourite cartoon character: Mickey Mouse, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Marvin the Martian
Personal Quote: Lies are like sandwiches: the more you pile on, the harder it is to swallow.

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